At last I managed to complete the day:

20. November 2017 after midday

We left park behind and had to refill our RAJDOOT´s again

It´s a lengthy business – time to walk & talk and

to look and click next to street:

After that we headed to „nowhere“ – asphalt ended all of a sudden and no even way anymore, just

an increase to the last mountain we managed BrüllendReingefallen – sorry no pic´s because couldn´t  drop handlebar – only great look back:

The arrival was gradual at this crossroad in the middle of nowhere!

Want to see the arrivals? – Just enjoy the show  CoolUnschuldig:



The crossroad filled up:


I´ll give you a further look around to the left             *




and to the right

Time for photoshooting:

Finally our support vehicles managed to join us Lachend

Straight ahead – but no!

We had to take the left turn because it´s a shortcut – shortcut means another hill up and down without plane way

(just joking – it was the left turn from above *) – used now to motorcross biking we were rewarded on the other side

with a vary way


now easy to ride Lächelnd

Easy to ride and a lot to look at : a perfect combination for my finger to release the shutter Lachend


The only one in front of me I could see was Michael


because he waited sometimes Küssend

You see the two shadows in the picture above? – I had a good friend as backup Küssend 

1000+ thx Anu, photos because of you:

I really enjoyed to look at


both sides

of the way !! Cool


Meanwhile I lost my „frontman“ once and here his machine had to be left behind!

Want to see behind me?

Now I have a double back-up:

But only for a short way – the bike gave up and I left the two behind and gained a new compainon:

for the rest of the way Cool

No one in front to see and the rear lighter has to help the stranded ones –
but Wolfgang and I finally managed or rather were fetched Zwinkernd


Want to know where we stayed for the night? 

Sorry it´s late – you have to wait! 

„to be continued“, Carmen Zwinkernd