Tuesday,  21. november 2017, after breakfast


we get on our bikes and on our way there

was a lot we could keep an eye on! – Some impression

before a bike forced us to stop!

But no problem because of our „satanic mechanic“:

It only tooks time – service could catch up –

and only Satanic-Mechanic knows what else to make the bike run again!




While waiting we changed

place and

had look around:





and were looked at Zwinkernd


on the road

and some stops later

we arrived

at this old place:

Impression of waiting until group gets complete:

Group complete and we go

to discover the place


But place is inhabited

and with us

entering their place

they feel disrupted, but

there was place enough for „both of us“ Zwinkernd

Great view from top and

some nice intriguing insights:


Back at entrance

it´s time

for „prasad“

or just sitting

or lying around:

But only a short little while: than again we followed this man!


With every stop I had good oppertunity to get some nice „klick´s“ with my cameraLachend

View back to check Küssend

With such guardian angels it´s nice to travel: this time my special thanks to Manu Lachend



It´s a Bike Point but

we need one

with petrol service:

While one line dwindles on the one side the other grews on the other

This time Cicci has to do knee-bends for wrong attitude:


I don´t agree: our Superman is a calm one and down below you see

these relaxed people agree Cool


Only a few more stops



before sun is going down



and we reached our comfortable hotel:

Some of us have made a detour to a school and therefore their schoolbus made a detour to our hotel Zwinkernd

Check-in with such a big group needs time

but we all got our place to rest…

Hope you got the taste for my diary-version of the bike trip and like it

because I´ve some more pictures in stock Lächelnd



Ciao Carmen