Friday,  24. November 2017


Varanasi: last day of our bike tour


Breakfast finished and we´re ready to leave in front of our hotel in the road

Not long and we had a break

because the blue bike has a break or better to say no brake anymoreReingefallen or what´s this cable for?

One by one our queque get´s longer

but there was enough to see

Our Ambassador in action Cool

One technical help

and a lot of viewer:

We waited some time and


then – some time later – we have moved on and found a new place to rest:


I´ll show you around:


And again we moved on and stop somewhere:

It´s time for a tea:


And the next stop

is where we started:


Everybody is fine and good luck!

that was all the medical support we needed because of injury Cool

                                                                                           It was a great trip !!!