11th (and 12th) of December 2017 in the evening: Sitting with my Laptop next to the fireplace and
looking out of the window to see a landscape dressed up in winter while choosing warm foto´s to upload for

20. November 2017 somewhere in Uttar Pradesh

Want to see what Josef is photografing?

You have to look at his foto/show – I only can present you the only man I see Reingefallen Lachend Küssend


Yesterday we drove through this place and promised to come back: today we had a look inside the palast and were guided

by this driven decendent of a Maharadscha

to his nice picnic place:

zoom to place where second breakfast was served and

and view back to the „rocking place“ and

full view without tree´s:

A nice scenery for a picture

or rather for taking  pictures:

One formation of a group picture

My version Zwinkernd out of ??:

Impressive place

and coming down was as easy as this:

Michael missed the walk but used his flying camera to gain

an overview:

Hans being happy to have holiday in a way he likes with pleasant peoples around Zwinkernd

While eating, waiting and sitting around it´s enough time

for a philosofical exchange of ideas

After second breakfast we drove around the rocks to enter a sort of parc for visiting a prehistoric cave!


Boris makes himself comfortable while waiting for the tour guide

In a parc there´re normaly animals and so were here: Langurs refused to be „clicked at“ but spider was patient with me Zunge raus

In the middle of lining up

of our 26 motorbikes – cool feeling Reingefallen

Cool feeling

cooled a little bit down in between time while driving – do you know or can you imagine that RAJDOOT´s are motorcross bikes?  Zwinkernd

to the top

of mountain

But „High Fives“ at top,

affirmation talk´s and

the hugs and


smiles said

it was


worth it Reingefallen




Half of group is looking to my camera and other half to that one which is responsible for the previous above and next:

My cairn for

the fern experiment (result in advance: nothing like enough water to get bright green under these circumstances …)

Apropos experiment: another result of one Cool


Destination reached: rest area above cave!

With great


NO place for boldness or fear of heights but for team spiritLachend


the cave

with it´s paintings

wait for you

You don´t have to ly down

but it´s safer and

easier for catching

good pictures


at this place!

The easy-peasy part of way back

but even the women-trio managed the rest of THIS UN-easy-peasy: Thumbs up for Shanu!

This day was so incredible and I took so much pictures:

this is end of part1 of day4 Küssend and you have to wait right now for more Zwinkernd


Bye – thx for looking and I hope you enjoyed!