Saturday,  25. November 2017


Our last day early in the morning:


Already door open and life on street 

These kids are waiting

for their school bus to come


She´s waiting for another one:

And these boys are happy

to stay in residence

But we are leaving with bikes for morning excercise

Amazing: crouching like this for long

Good trip to get a lot of impressions Lachend:

So much impressions to memorize with my camera I fall behind but he was taking care of me Lächelnd

So we join the other´s and again

there was a lot my eyes could focus on Unschuldig


This place with resting group members

and back on the road:

Another stopp:

Another rest

and for me a lot to see 🙂 and now here for you :))



Look back to the others

and then I´ve a closer look behind the hedge:

Back to the group

and what´s going on?   We are offered a drink of the just extracted sugar cane Lachend


We´re visiting a school:

This class is on the first floor:

Look downstairs

Just behind the school

Fishes in the pond:

Saying Good-Bye


Another school just opposite of the visited one

Back to our bikes

and the next stage of our bike trip you can see in the next chapter 🙂