Tuesday,  21. november 2017



on a

roof top Zwinkernd 

Happy to have a sleeping bag in addition to the given blanket

In daylight I didn´t need electricity

to find the toilet:

Arriving yesterday was late but today

we´ll look around:

First Nearby and


then a morning walk down to the river:

first a little discussion

which way is best…

For those who didn´t join: here is the way we went and for those

who joint: enjoy remembering with the following pictures of our morning walk:

Josef and I fall behind the group because we wanted to fix the beauty around us


We had to fight with difficulties like this: take the detail like this or

better like that!?

Somehow we managed….












Back we took a shortcut:













While the car´s are being packed

I had another look round


Want to see what the kid´s are playing?

Drive the ring!

Looks easy

but it´s

not for everyone…


Playing, looking and

being looked at

while food is being prepared:

A lot of people – a lot to prepare – so we´ll have a further look around:



Plates made ready

Table is placed





Now it´s time for washing-up and for getting more picturesZwinkernd







Time to go back

because it´s time to leave


Hope you enjoyed so far                           (but now  – 27. December 2017 23:49 – it´s time for me to finish Zwinkernd)

more will certainly come