Sailing in Cycladen, 6. – 13. October 2018


Water beyond my feet for a whole week: Sailing in Cycladen


Having a look around Lavrion marina

Our home & vehicle for the week:

Paxos, our sister ship with crew

Looking for the sail

On a sailing boat you become a sail- or rather a wind-gazer

Our Skipper,

the Co-Skipper

and the crew:

Crew in action

to get to nice places:

Communication between ships needs

sometimes help of dingi Zwinkernd

Dingi just

for fun:

Dingi used to fetch these pictures

of our Dima II


one time Küssend some of greeks nature on land:

We were send

to check out for diner

but didn´t succeed

because tavern was closed!

But otherwise nice place to remember:

Next morning Crew´s attention fixed on sister ship:

everything went right and

we took off with

a smile on our faces:

A few more impressions

before my camera and me went out of order…

But there is always a comeback and

somewhere another smile:

And after a sundown

there is always

a new sunset:

We managed and

had a good time


together Lächelnd

After this demanding sailing week we

go for a walk

in Athen:

I think he played „You never walk alone“ Zwinkernd