Wednesday,  14. february 2018

Anoop sends me already eticket for next trip so I´ve to speed up
uploading the photo´s of the previous one:


Wednesday, 22. november 2017 – after breakfast

Morning routine: Assembling  (in front of Hotel),


loading the truck and

getting into line for take off:

Just a short trip and we had tea-time!

Just a short tea-time and we were on the road again

We stopped at this hydroelectric power station but couldn´t get in

Next stop – want to have a look around

our parking facility? 

Want to follow the cow?


Bag empty – cow looking out for a new food source



Want to take a quick peep behind the curtain?

But back to the cow: she now favours another member of our group Zwinkernd

The only reward is a „selfie“ Unschuldig


There is no doubt our parking place is a real facility: bus stop

taxi stop

and eating house with

with enough seats


Satanic mechanic having a rest ?! – Only a short!

First talk

than a phone call

and at least our „all-you-need-truck“ catches up Zwinkernd

And soon he is on duty again…

As always he succed and therefore

our asphalt-eating-road-trip continues this day:


I got a bad feeling on my bike and short after we stopped

for fuel: thank god! – My back wheel lost air and the pump wasn´t the solution!

As you can see above  Lachend and below Zwinkernd Unschuldig my bike was in best hands:


NO really – my bike is „bottled“ with fuel and


filled up with oil

while satanic mechanic repairs/changes my flat tyre!



he sometimes uses a tool

in addition

to his magic hands!

This time two hands weren´t enough and therefore he had a self-proclaimed apprentice Cool


Ready: Repair is finished and bike is

taken for a test-drive!

See the question in his eyes? – Here my answer: YES I´m very IMPRESSED – it was ONLY a 15min repair!!!

While I got my bike repaired she got flowers Zwinkernd


While my bike is on test ride the others prepare

for leaving  – And no, that´s not the only use for a mirror at handlebars of a bike Zwinkernd!

Today a lot of „Street-View“

Another street STOP

to get the group together and

to change information with phone and

without phone and 


to make photo´s with readable message Unschuldig  – As you can see we´re downhill and

10min later most of us are uphill


at a rest area:



was it a playground? Unentschlossen

But we´ve to pay attention and give signal to rest of our group:

Even the last got a chance to rest







the road call us again



The sun is getting down but you see the Sleepwell arrow?!

More street to ride on

and first time I see him wearing a jacket for driving but

after some more km on the road everything had the color of his jacket for even some more km:


I was glad to have a bike with frontlight but these two – or rather three counting the legs – hadn´t …

Apropros numbers:
between first picture and last one above are 11 hours – the difference in km my odometer doesn´t tell me…

The place we stayed I´ll show you the next day when sun is back Zwinkernd

Thursday, 15. February 23.15 finishing entry of day 6