Thursday,  23. November 2018


After arriving late at an ashram in the dark we explore it in the morning:

A look in the kitchen:

Leftovers from the late meal in the night or ingredients for breakfast:

Going around

and out to have a look around

and over the wall:


a closer look and

on the other side is also a woman full of curiosity and

she comes nearer and gives me a bright smile Lachend

Going back to see:

Further look around:


Looking for the action on the roof top

That was the short look around but we had time until breakfast so I go for a walk with Manu Lachend

An elaborate stack of fuel

in this picture in combination with the producer Zwinkernd

So much to get

a close look at:



Good picture – taken by looking through my camera outside and NOT indoors in front of a mirror!


I don´t know why but certainly justified Zwinkernd




He asked for the photo/s and I hope he´ll like if he sees them Lächelnd




Hearty breakfast  Unschuldig

Manu gave me sugar cane to taste and the guava from above:

Sometimes you know the gender because of the clothes and sometimes it´s not the reasonReingefallen


Ready for take off:

The river wasn´t far away so we make a detour:

Short exchange with the mechanic


before he leaves Überrascht

Only a joke Verlegen – boot leaves without him Reingefallen!



We only took pictures and go without jumping into the water like the kids


On the same way back we had a lot of spectators at the side of the road and were offered something to drink…

It changes:


In one moment you´re just lining up with the other and

in the next there is no one around you except this pig Verlegen

When I managed my bike to come back to life I searched my way and found my waiting husband Küssend here:

Only a few more pictures this day

before I got lost a second time Unentschlossen


Finally we found our hotel

and had a nice evening at Varanasi ´s riverside Küssend

Good night to all for this day Lächelnd