Saturday, 25. November 2017


Bike trip in the morning and so much for me to „click“ at – I really couldn´t resist Verlegen

But see for yourself this sequel – perhaps you´ll comprehend Cool



I´m being laughed at Zwinkernd


A stonemason at work – real handicraft:


I stopped my bike and they stopped their work Unentschlossen – „Please continue – I even stopped for that“

Thanks, ladies Küssend

We´re discovered

but it´s not the only occupied rooftop


And like above the washing is layed out for drying


I had a peek into 

below some carpets and

here the dyer of the thread at work:



Getting the helmet and lining up for the next trip:


Not far and we reached workshop

of satanic mechanic Lächelnd


We´re asked what our motorbike needs for improvement

He´s looking for the number plate

and it´s listed in this book:

A lot of bikes, a long list – I pass the time with taking photographs Zwinkernd

A local politician came and we lined up for a group photo (I was in line and not taking the photo Unschuldig)

After that we headed to our next aim and in between times I photografed this lining up Zwinkernd


Someone who is very unimpressed by the visitors on Rajdoot motorbikes:

Another one who appears indifferntly but being tickled seems to be ok Zwinkernd


School over ?!

Back to school

rather to

our bikes:

Not long and we started again: getting some petrol for the next trip

Little bit oil is needed:

We reached the market



I can´t get enough (thanks for the presents I got from here ZwinkerndLachend) but time is running out

and we´re going back 


The party is over

we have


to leave:

Time to say GOOD BYE

Thanks – thank you – thank you all for this wonderful time!!!

Thanks for looking my blog – hope you enjoyed Lächelnd and I hope we´ll meet again personally Lachend

                                                                                                                                                                 Ciao Carmen