First visit of India from Forsthaus-Fee Carmen


You just came along and want to have a look?

Caution: after seeing this you´ll wish you´ve been with me Cool


To those how came along with me: enjoy remembering Lachend


Friday, 17. November 2017

Delhi – somewhere while


testdriving with

two taxi´s at „rush-hour“ time?!


Taking a picture and

back to „Gepäck“ to fetch plane to Varanasi Zwinkernd

Being a woman is sometimes an advantage: nice place to rest, or? – THX Küssend



Saturday, 18. November 2017

Look down

look along our lodge

and look across to home of our friends Lächelnd

Hello and welcome V Lächelnd

First trip on bike

Soon I got a guide – thx Anu Lächelnd

After that we changed the bikes

to Rajdoot-Motorbikes!

First we had to fill up with petrol

26 motorbikes!

That takes time

until all can spreed their wings Zwinkernd


Getting a little bit used to travel like this I managed to improve my „clicks“ Zwinkernd


Sunday, 19. November 2017

Find and get           – if you like blue it´s easy Unschuldig

and than check your bike…

First stop at petrol station and lining up:

How long it takes?

Could you see from Anu´s left hand to his right?


It takes time from front to end Cool

Lächelnd Lachend

Cramped way to travel:

First-Class way to travel Lachend

Curiosity on both side of the camera …

While waiting group to complete



and being looked at

Filling up this side

and on the other side:

Coming to a rest

and have another look

around – to the right or

to the left

gather on the chairs and beside

gather in the straw

before I put myself a place I´ve a closer look

or a wider look


the place

and the pond

Before you question: Yes, they´re swiming and cooling down at the water-staircase

Without Jangbahadur -our satanic mechanic for the motor-bikes – the tour would have been impossible!!!

Peter, Wolfgang, Thomas (Karl) and Cicci

Sorry, I dont´t know…

Calf slap-bang in the middle of our gathering




second gathering under the big tree:

Some few show me their backs when I focus with my camera


but most don´t turn round:

The road is calling and

therefore we leave: Support-car driver saying good-bye.

Another curious pair of eyes: of a tame nilgai!

But in a no blinking our group was complete and so were the residents…

The situation

come to

an ease

and we arranged to meet next day with owner of this old palace!

We left country-side and got to town

to stay in a hotel overnight! – Question: „Two beds or three in the room?“

As a pair

or include his good old mate?


outside of hotel and

inside Zwinkernd